As in all folkloric tales, there is always an element of myth. Towards the end of the last century, Don Vasyl Woodhot and his sons travelled across continents to reach the fairy-tale Himalayan Mountains.

As dusk settled on an unusually cold evening; the Woodhot family, although armed with matches were unable to source twigs or firelighters to start a blazing fire that would keep them warm throughout the night. So with enthusiastic energy, the family set off to find some. Instead, they stumbled across Jack, an enormous and friendly Yeti.

Jack, the furriest monster gave them some of his thick fur to help them light their kindling. A firm friendship formed around the crackling fire as the unlikely bunch regaled endless stories of adventures in lands unknown.

The Woodhot family made earnest promises to Jack that they would never reveal his identity or location. They did, however, vow to take care of the forests in which the Yeti's lived. It was from this promise that the family fashioned the Woodhot Yeti Firestarters. Environmentally friendly wooden 'yeti' wool was created from sustainable wood sources and resembled Jack's coarse fur.

The Yeti Firestarters are made with natural fatty acids and lauric acid to kindle fires. They contain no nasty products to harm your health.