Woodhot Fire Starters

Woodhot Fire Starters

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Woodhot Fire Starters are a natural product made from environmentally friendly wooden wool, natural fatty acids and lauric acid to kindle fires. They are great for all your fire-starting needs - camping, fireplaces, grilling, wood stoves, smokers, survival kits...You will not need to buy flammable igniters, or use harmful gasoline substances, that can negatively affect the health of you and your loved ones.

- no chemicals or combustibles added
- no lighter fluid needed
- food grade paraffin 8-10 min burn time
- both odorless and tasteless
- all natural

* Use one firestarter per 2-3 lbs of charcoal briquets, lump charcoal or firewood
* Arrange a layer of charcoal or firewood on the bed of the grill
* Place a firestarter in the middle of the charcoal or firewood
* Add additional charcoal on top of the base, and the firestarter, forming a small pyramid. The firestarter
may be fully covered by charcoal. Keep the end of the firestarter accessible to allow access for lighting
* Light the end of the Firestarter with a long-stemmed lighter
* When the charcoal is covered in a gray ash, spread it out evenly and start cooking

Why we are better
No chemicals, pure wood
Clean burning
High moisture resistance
High burning temperature